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"Unlock the unique power within you with Impact Change. We light up a pathway that aligns with your core essence, ensuring every stride forward resonates deeply with who you are. Fitness isn't just about routines—it's about living fully, in every decision, feeling, meal, and restful moment. Together, we'll craft a holistic journey that amplifies every dimension of your life. Wherever you are—home, gym, or on an adventure—I'm with you. Navigating hurdles, optimizing your techniques, cheering your victories, and pivoting with life's twists and turns. With Impact Change, your transformation is personal, profound, and perpetual."

"Unlock boundless potential with coaching tailored for you, always at your fingertips."


"Discover Your Dynamic Fitness Transformation."

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Crafting Your Path to Mastery

"Feel Every Achievement: Intuitively capture and celebrate your progress. Sync with your favorite wearable and let each stride, stretch, and success amplify your drive."


"Connect and Thrive: Instantly tap into empowering dialogues that fuel your journey."

"Feel the Pulse, Embrace the Journey: Instantly sync with transformative chats and insights. Share, connect, and grow, with me by your side, amplifying every breakthrough and triumph."

Journeys of Mastery

Transformation before after
"Unleashing Your Ultimate Potential!"
Transformation before after
"Still on My Journey to Greatness!"
Transformation before after
Transformation before after
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My Services

Black Onyx Elite Fitness Program

Black Onyx Elite Fitness Program

Unlock the power of transformation with the Black Onyx Elite Fitness Package. Channeling the resilience and strength of black onyx, this program is more than just a fitness regimen; it's a holistic experience that redefines personal growth and mastery.

Training Sessions: Choose flexibility with 3 in-person sessions or 3 online sessions weekly, sculpting a fitness routine that aligns with your life.

Your 90-Day Transformation Blueprint: Dive deep into a personalized workout plan, fine-tuned to your goals and aspirations.

Workout Log: Sync with top fitness apps and maintain unwavering alignment with your progress.

Exercise Library: Access a curated collection of exercises, each fortified with videos and detailed annotations.

Habit & Nutrition Trackers: Embark on daily rituals, from meditation to meticulous macro tracking, forging habits that transform.

Advanced Nutrition Smart Meal Planner: Discover a world of nutritious meal plans, thoughtfully aligned to your fitness vision.

Impact Change Community: Immerse yourself in our supportive ecosystem, engage in riveting challenges, and stay accountable to your mission.

Swift Trainer Communication: Experience streamlined communication with our in-app messaging and video call capabilities.

for first week
Emerald Premier Fitness Program

Emerald Premier Fitness Program

Forge a path to unparalleled strength and resilience with the Emerald Premier Program. Inspired by the steadfastness of the allure of the emerald gemstone, this elite training program promises not just physical prowess, but a fortified mindset.

Embark on a transformative journey with the Emerald Elite Program, meticulously crafted to bring out the elite warrior in you. Fusing military precision with state-of-the-art technology, this program promises to revolutionize your fitness landscape.

Personalized Online Training: Dive into intensive 1-on-1 online sessions - choose 8 sessions of 30 minutes each twice a week or 4 hourly sessions weekly. Get undivided attention tailored to your goals.

90-Day Custom Workout Plan: Experience a meticulously tailored 90-day regimen, calibrated to your strength and stamina milestones.

Workout Log: Seamlessly integrate with top fitness apps and stay in sync with every stride you make.

Exercise Library: Unlock our vault of exercises, each equipped with videos and detailed annotations, ensuring precision in every move.

Habit & Nutrition Trackers: Elevate daily rituals and dietary intake, crafting a holistic approach to well-being.

Advanced Nutrition Smart Meal Planner: Navigate your nutrition journey with an AI-driven meal planner, aligning with your unique dietary goals.

for first week
Gold Standard Fitness Program

Gold Standard Fitness Program

Step into a realm of unparalleled excellence with the Gold Standard Program. As the name suggests, this program is not just about fitness; it's about setting and achieving the highest benchmarks in personal health and well-being.

Specialized Online Coaching: Your choice of intensive 1-on-1 sessions - opt for 2 hour-long deep dives or 4 concise 30-minute sessions weekly. Experience the undivided attention of our elite trainers tailored to your unique aspirations.

Tailored 90-Day Workout Blueprint: Every day, every exercise meticulously planned to align with your goals, ensuring you stride closer to your zenith with each session.

Workout Log: Seamlessly stay in tune with your progress. With easy syncing to top fitness apps, you're always connected, always on track.

Comprehensive Exercise Library: Dive into an ocean of exercises, each detailed with instructive videos and notes, ensuring absolute clarity and effectiveness.

Custom Habit Tracker: Beyond fitness, instill daily rituals that amplify your well-being. Track habits from meditation to reading, personalizing it to your preferences.

Nutrition Mastery Tools: Master your diet with a detailed nutrition tracker and an advanced smart meal planner, ensuring your fuel is as gold-standard as your workout.

for 1 Month
Silver Fitness Program

Silver Fitness Program

The Silver Fitness Program is a holistic fitness and well-being experience curated for those who value the brilliance of balance, strength, and resilience in their journey towards optimal health. Let the shine and versatility of silver guide your transformation, as you refine and sculpt your path to elite fitness.

90-Day Customized Workout Regimen: Every single day is meticulously planned, fine-tuned to your unique body and aspirations, ensuring that you reap the maximum from every effort.

Innovative Workout Log: Featuring real-time tracking and seamless sync options with top-tier fitness apps, you're always connected to your progress, fueling your motivation.

Extensive Exercise Library: Dive into a vast repository of exercises, each detailed with precise videos and notes, ensuring your form and focus remain impeccable.

Tailored Habit Tracker: More than workouts, it's about embracing transformative daily rituals. Integrate practices like meditation and reading into your life, and see holistic wellness unfold.

Dynamic Nutrition Tracker: Log, monitor, and adjust your dietary intake with ease. Features like barcode scanning make keeping up with nutritional goals a breeze.

Advanced Meal Planner: Dive into curated meal recommendations harmonized with your dietary aims, turning nutritious eating into a daily celebration.

Unparalleled Trainer Access: Whether it's a question, a minor hiccup, or just a need for motivation, our trainers are within reach, ensuring your journey is supported at every juncture.

Crystal Fitness Program

Crystal Fitness Program

Private 1-on-1 online coaching session for 1 hour. In-person sessions will be available upon request and depending on staff availability. Once purchased, our staff will contact you to book the session.

One on one coaching

1 video call

Personalised fitness plan with video demonstrations & instructions to perform

for 1 Day

Alonso Sanchez

Fitness Specialist

My Story: I stand apart in a sea of trainers, not because of titles or certifications, but because of lived experiences. While many in the fitness industry draw from theory, I've walked the challenging path of transformation, understanding every nuance – from the pain of judgment to the exhilaration of success. It's one thing to share theories on weight loss or cardio routines, but how many have felt the sting of whispers, stares, or outright derision for their physique? I've endured it all, from the hushed comments of colleagues to the blatant disdain of so-called experts. I've navigated through the labyrinth of diets, programs, and the alluring promises of quick fixes. But here's the unvarnished truth: there are no shortcuts. Authentic transformation, evident in both my journey and those of my clients, is a testament to unwavering discipline. It's about treating food as fuel, embracing genuine nutrition, staying hydrated, committing to weight training, yoga, and most vitally, overhauling deep-seated habits. I won't sugarcoat it: transformation demands effort, commitment, and raw honesty. But if you're ready to truly change, I'm here, armed with both knowledge and empathy. Let's embark on this journey together.

Alonso Sanchez

Complete personalised fitness solution

One-to-one Video Calls

Connect with me over one-to-one video calls to discuss your goals, progress, techniques and more.

Compliance Tracking

Build long term healthy habits with weekly and monthly compliance trends for workouts, nutrition and everything else.

Wearable Integration

Connect your wearable device with the app to track your daily activity levels and workout metrics like heart rate and calories burnt.

Weekly Check-ins

Check-in with weekly photos and measurements to keep track of your progress. Make amends whenever required.

Personalised Workouts

Get frequent tweaks on your workout plan based on your heart rate, feedback and of course, your schedule & preferences.

Customised Nutrition

Get meal plans based on your dietary preferences. I will constantly update your plan to ensure you get to eat what you like while keeping it healthy.

Written Testimonials

Alonso has been the best trainer I've ever worked with. With his guidance I was able to lose 40 lbs and two years later I've been able to maintain it off. He's in love with his mission and truly gives it his all. I can't recommend him enough. He's a true professional and really knows his craft. He works with you one on one and works on your nutrition and psychology so you're not only losing the weight but you become emotionally and mentally stronger as well and really learn to see food as fuel instead of just pleasure.


Amazing Results

I have known Alonso for 16 years. I trained with him in the mid 2000’s and it was the Best I have ever felt so much so that I’m starting again with him this month. Not only did i feel good physically but mentally as well. Through out the years we kept in touch i saw him transform physically, mentally and grounded in his determination to be the best version of himself and along his journey he inspired me so much to reach my goals that i went back to school in my 50’s and graduated with my Bachelors Degree from FIU but not only did I graduate I Graduated Magna Cum Lade. Keeping up with Alonso’s motto to be the Best Version of yourself and too never quit but Keep Going, and keep moving forward. I cannot wait to begin my training with him and see how my life will transform once again under his wings. I can sit here and write a book about him and how much he loves what he does and how he to transform lives both physically and mentally but i would be here forever. He is the Best of the Best.


True Fighter

I'm a yoga teacher and personal trainer as well but it's my rule to have a professional for me too. Alonso trained me on my physical adversities I can't see and it's my therapist for health care for hips and shoulders problems. He is SUPER SMART AND PROFESSIONAL and is always in contact to know my progress. Alonso is my right hand on my personal fitness journey.


Soulful Luna

If you want to make leaps in your wellness then you have found the right person. Alonso brings a unique approach to overall wellness that includes strength, nutrition, mindset, flexibility, mobility, & recovery with body work. He is truly the swiss army knife of wellness and has made a huge impact on my journey!

Eric Dosal

Tennis Fan

Alonso is an amazing personal trainer who is full of knowledge and experience. He takes the time to understand his client’s mind, body, and physical needs are. It’s truly an experience to train with Alonso. I’ve know him personally for over a decade and it has been a “treat” to see him evolve into the hyper focused clear-headed professional he is today. During the pandemic, he was the first and often only face I saw daily. We had a standing appointment to workout at 5AM. Each day he woke up 100% mentally and physically present. There was always a new goal, a new target, and/or a new measure . These are characteristics that’s define a exceptional trainer and human being. I don’t think there is a soul on this planet that works harder towards achieving their own version of greatness than Alonso. If you aspire to be better, look better, and gain a genuine understanding of physical and mental health, then Alonso is your guy. Forever grateful for your friendship and training 🙏🏼


Eat Pray Love

Frequently Asked Questions

At Impact Change, we prioritize a holistic approach to fitness, recognizing that every individual is unique. Unlike many cookie-cutter online fitness programs, we craft personalized strategies for each member, ensuring that exercises, nutrition, and mental wellness align with their distinct goals and lifestyles. Our robust community offers unparalleled support, fostering an environment where everyone thrives. We're not just about achieving short-term results; we're about instilling habits and mindsets for sustainable, long-term transformation.

Beyond our tailored fitness programs, Impact Change provides a wealth of resources to ensure you remain on the path of progress. From our extensive exercise library, complete with detailed instructional videos, to our advanced nutrition smart meal planner offering diverse meal ideas aligned with your goals, we've got you covered. Moreover, our exclusive Impact Change community chat offers an engaging space to connect, share, and grow with fellow members. And with our responsive in-app messaging and video call features, you're never more than a click away from expert guidance. With Impact Change, you're equipped with everything you need to conquer every challenge and celebrate every success.

Absolutely! Impact Change welcomes individuals at all stages of their fitness journey. Whether you're a complete novice or a seasoned athlete, our platform is designed to meet you where you are. We pride ourselves on crafting plans that are not only tailored to your goals but also aligned with your current fitness level. Our comprehensive exercise library, complete with instructional videos, ensures that you'll be guided through every move with clarity. Plus, our supportive community is always here to cheer you on, share insights, and offer motivation. At Impact Change, it's not about where you start; it's about the transformative journey we embark on together.

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